21 April 2020

Government approves a move to Level 2 Service Restrictions for dentists from 27th April.  Following a meeting of the National Cabinet today, the Prime Minister has announced an easing of restrictions to Level 2.

Level 2 Restrictions relate to the “provision of dental treatments that are unlikely to generate aerosols or where aerosols generated have the presence of minimal saliva/blood due to the use of rubber dam”. This includes:

- Examinations
- Simple non-invasive fillings without use of high-speed handpieces
- Restorative procedures using high speed handpieces only provided with the use of rubber dam
- Non-surgical extractions
- Hand scaling (no use of ultrasonic scalers)
- Medical management of soft tissue presentations (such as ulcers)
- Temporomandibular dysfunction management
- Denture procedures
- Preventative procedures such as the application of topical  remineralising agents e.g. fluoride
- Orthodontic treatment 

At a joint press, the Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt, said this is an important day in the road to recovery. The easing of these and other restrictions, including elective surgery, was in response to a sustained flattening of the curve and less than half-a-percent growth rate in new COVID-19 cases. 

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