Your First Visit

On your first dental visit to Woden Dental Care, we will complete a comprehensive examination and survey of your dental health. This enables us to gather the information we need for a complete diagnosis, helping us provide you with dental care that’s comprehensive, effective, comfortable and safe. Proper diagnosis enables us to better plan your treatment and continuing care, establishing priorities for the best long-term results. As with any medical condition, early detection is crucial for successful treatment. 


Your first appointment may take up to 45 minutes pending on the complexity of your oral condition. The standard charge for a comprehensive examination is $110 and a short examination is $85. The total cost of the visit will depend on the number of x-rays taken and the treatment provided. You are required to attend up to 10 minutes prior to your appointment in order to fill out the necessary paperwork. 

Areas we will cover include

  • A review of your medical and dental history​

  • Full mouth charting

  • ​Oral health examination

  • ​​Occlusal analysis and TMJ assessment

  • Intra-oral X-rays and OPG

​This allows us to obtain more information about your oral and dental health to conduct a effective and comprehensive diagnosis.

After your initial assessment we will

  • Discuss the details of your oral and dental conditions, and address and prioritise your concerns

  • Customise your treatment plan to suit your dental needs 

  • Discuss with your family doctor (GP) if your medical condition will complicate your dental treatment

  • Seek a second opinion or refer you to a dental specialist if required


If your oral dental condition is complicated, we may require a second appointment to conduct a more in-depth assessment depending on your individual needs. This may include study models, diagnostic wax-up, periodontal assessment, photographic assessment and 3D CBCT radiographic assessment.